We are committed to respecting your privacy and following the principles set out in the Privacy Act 2020. In summary the principles are (for our individual clients): 

  1. We will only collect your personal information to the extent we need it for a lawful purpose.
  2. We generally only collect your personal information from you. Sometimes we will collect it from others - for example if you agree we can, it is publicly available, or if we need to so as to ensure the purpose of us collecting the information is not undermined.
  3. When we collect personal information, we will take reasonable steps to make sure you know why we are collecting it, who will receive it, whether you have to give it to us and what will happen if you refuse to provide it. Sometimes there are good reasons not to, for example if it would undermine the purpose we are collecting the information for.
  4. We will only collect personal information in ways that are lawful, fair and not unreasonably intrusive (especially if you are young).
  5. We will put in place reasonable security safeguards to prevent your personal information from being lost, misused or disclosed (such as prohibiting browsing by staff unless they are working on your file).
  6. You can ask for us to correct your information if you think we have it wrong. Even if we disagree we will take reasonable steps to ensure we include a statement of correction to information to show your view.
  7. You can ask to access your personal information and in most cases we must promptly provide it. Exceptions include if we have good reason to refuse (such as it being a breach of someone else's privacy).
  8. Before using or disclosing personal information, we will take reasonable steps to check it is accurate, complete, relevant, up to date and not misleading.
  9. We will not keep your personal information longer than necessary.
  10. We will generally only use your personal information for the purpose we collected it (although we can use it for related reasons, if you say we can and other limited circumstances).
  11. We will only disclose your personal information in limited circumstances which include the purpose we got it from you, you authorised us to, we do so anonymously, or to avoid danger to health and safety or the law.
  12. We will only send personal information overseas if we adequately protect it, with some exceptions (like if you agree or it is to enforce the law).
  13. We will only use a "unique identifier" (a way of identifying you by way of a number or code - like your IRD number), if it is operationally necessary, and we take steps to minimise any misuse.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please let us know.