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As employment law specialists, we work closely with you to prevent and solve workplace issues when it matters most.  Specialising means we get to the heart of your matter and resolve it right the first time. Because we care and know how, we provide practical guidance, so you can get back to business better. 

From managing misconduct, redundancy processes and personal grievance issues, to drafting robust employment agreements and policy. We will give you employment law advice tailored to you, plus practical pointers that work well in your employment relationship.

A local with deep Southern roots, Principal Lucia Vincent feels privileged working with her Otago and Southland clients, and loves seeing their businesses and careers flourish. She looks forward to working with you and your team soon.

Paying for public holidays

Paying properly for public holidays beats paying penalties if you don't, writes employment lawyer Lucia Vincent.

Reduce Risk of a Pandemic Personal Grievance

From reducing hours and pay to redundancy, watch this webinar with top tips on how to handle employment law issues arising from Covid-19.

Compensating what?

What will an employer pay for a personal grievance if it all goes wrong?